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Choosing a brand of business printer

There are so many brands for laser printer to choose, like HP, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, Canon, etc.. So which one is good for you? It's hard to see this in a short answer. But based on the design and performance, here are some clues for you to help you decide:

  1. HP brand printers take all-in-one toner cartridges, which gives you less headache when you purchase the consumables. HP is the most popular brand in printer business, so finding a supplier won't be a problem. The bad thing is that HP printers are more expensive than other brands, even at entry level printers. The other thing I should mention here is HP printers are designed to perform precisely, sometimes if you need to print some rough job, it may not go through well, like print labels, non-regular size papers, you may experience more paper jam then other brand printers.
  2. Lexmark printers are popular in the medical and retail industries They can handle different kinds of paper like labels and preprinted media properly. Especially their high end models, like T640/T642/T644 series. Their small work group printers, or multifunction machines, like the E260 series, can be expensive to run and not that reliable.
  3. Samsung offer a lot of choice for the entry level MFP, monochrome or color, and their printers take all-in-one cartridges. They're not bad if you don't print a lot. Longevity can be bad bad for this brand, in that you may use the printer to print 20-50K pages, then it will retire.
  4. Canon also has a lot of choices for entry level MFPs, mostly in monochrome. They use the same technology and engines as HP machines and can also boast HP standard reliability and longevity. They also take all-in-one toner cartridges, which are competively priced and readily available. Problems may arise when new parts are needed. As is the case with Samsung, it can be very difficult to find a spare parts suppler.
  5. Brother offer a wide choice of multi-function machines in monochrome and colour, which are competively priced compared to other brands. Generally a smart choice for SMEs. That said, their range doesn't cater for large Enterprise, with their highest capacity cartridges doing 12,000 Pages approx. The toner and drum unit are separate parts which can be seen as a pro or a con defpending on personal preference. Compatible supplies are widely available and generally reliable.

Please note, these are merely opinions based on my own industry experience. For more detailed opinion on specific printer models, please contact us.