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Choosing a printer

Choosing a printer or multi-function machine for your business

Choosing the wrong printer for your business can have a long lasting and very costly and negative impact on your business. A small amount of time spent researching your new printer can save you a fortune in time and money and a whole lot of headaches down the line.

As a rule, you should bear in mind the following when choosing a new printer for your business:

  1. Cheap printers cost more to run
  2. The cost of each cartridge and the amount of pages each cartridge prints (what is the cost per page?)
  3. Are non-original cartridges available for your printer? (You don’t want to be stuck paying through the nose for expensive original brand cartridges)
  4. The length and nature of the warranty (1 year or 2 years, on-site or back-to-base)
  5. How many pages do you print per month?  (most cheap printers are designed for light home use only)
  6. Functionality – decide what do you absolutely need and what would just be a bonus. 

Click here for a comprehensive list of questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a printer. Please feel free to print it off, fill it out and send it back to me and we can make some recommendations based on your requirements .

Inkjet or Laser

Choosing a brand of business printer