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Compatible Toners

Why buy expensive 'originals'?

If price is not an issue and your business has money to burn, then there's no reason not to buy original toner cartridges. In the vast majority of cases however, using non-original consumables will produce exactly the same results at a fraction of the cost.

Our non-original toners

Our number one priority when it comes to laser toners is to achieve the lowest price, while still assuring the highest quality. Our toners can save you up to 60% on original brand toners. At the cartridge expert, we sell the following types of toners:

  1. Compatible toner: A completely new toner made entirely out of new components, but manufactured by a company other than the one that produced the original
  2. Totally rebuilt toner: A toner that has been re-built from virtually new components. In most cases only the plastic housing is reused.
  3. Refilled original toner: A toner that has been used just once and has then been re-filled with new toner powder.

Our Guarantee

Look, we understand the real cost of down-time. If a business customer uses one of our cartridges and has a problem, we most likely won’t be hearing from them again. For this reason, we mean it when we say we are 100% committed to quality.

When you buy a non-original toner cartridge from us, we guarantee that:

Had a bad experience in the past?

Have you tried non-original consumables in the past and had a bad experience? If this is the case, you should remember 2 things:

  1. When non-original cartridges first came on the market many years ago, quality was a real issue. Return rates on some cartridge brands were as high as 20%. Quality has improved rapidly over the years as the major non-original manufacturers have invested heavily in OEM standard equipment and processes. Our return rate on non-original laser cartridges in 2013 at the cartridge expert was only 0.05%.
  2. There are many suppliers out there who are solely pre-occupied with price and are happy to supply a sub-standard product. These suppliers are happy to take your money while making you jump through hoops when the inevitable quality issue arises.  Don’t let one bad experience or one dodgy supplier cost you a fortune forever.

Our range

We source our toners from a network of reputable suppliers across Europe, which means we offer the largest range of any supplier in Ireland.  Unlike most retailers, we keep stock on-site for all the most popular brands such as;

This means you can walk in off the street and pick up the toner you need straight away.

We can also source toners for all those hard-to-find brands and usually at only a day’s notice. These include;