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Printer Cartridge Refilling FAQ

If your question does not appear on the list below then please feel free to contact one of our stores directly.

Can my cartridge be refilled?

The vast majority of inkjet cartridges can be refilled. And if it can’t be refilled we can probably supply a generic replacement. There are thousands of different printer cartridges on the market so the quickest way to find out is to call us directly and give us the make and model of your cartridge and we’ll be able to tell you straight away.

I bought a printer recently but didn’t realise the cartridges would cost so much, can you help me?

Firstly, sorry for your troubles. This happens all the time and it’s not your fault. Most sales assistants aren’t concerned with your running costs, only the functionality of the machine and the unit price. The good news is, we can most likely refill your cartridge for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

I recently bought a new printer but the cartridges only printed 20 to 40 pages. Is there a problem with my cartridges/printer?

No there’s nothing wrong with your printer. The cartridges that came with your printer were most likely “starter cartridges”. The big printer manufacturers only put 10-20% of the normal volume of ink in these cartridges. The idea is that these cartridges it will get you up and running but their real aim is to get you to buy new original cartridges as soon as possible.

Does the ink supplies indicator on my printer work?

Ink supply counters are notoriously inaccurate, insofar as they will often indicate you are nearly out of ink when you have half a tank or even more remaining. . This is a deliberate ploy on the part of the big printer manufacturers to get you to replace your ink earlier than necessary. Our advice is to continue printing until you notice actual deterioration in print quality. At this point you should remove your cartridge and bring it into the cartridge expert as continuing to print could damage your printer or your cartridge. We can also advise you on how to override ink supplies indicators on your printer to ensure a message does not continuously appear on your screen about low ink levels.

Can you refill Dell®™ cartridges?

As a rule, the answer is yes. There are a couple of the newer models which can’t yet be refilled. Give us a call on 010 621 9740 to confirm.

Can you refill Kodak or Advent cartridges

Yes and yes. Give us a call first to confirm prices.

How many times can a cartridge be refilled?

There are two types of cartridges – ink tanks and print-head cartridges. Print-head cartridges can be refilled on average 3 times, but ink tanks can be filled a lot more than that. Like any working part, wear and tear does eventually take its toll. the cartridge expert perform electronic tests before refilling and print quality tests after refilling using the highest spec Swiss refilling technology on the market. If there is a problem the customer is always informed. In this event we usually have replacement cartridges in store so you will always be able to print.

How long does it take to refill a cartridge?

It really depends on your cartridge. Many cartridges can be done within minutes while you wait but the average wait time is about half an hour. After a quick pre-test we can give you an exact time. If you are in a serious rush please drop us a line before you leave the house and we can make arrangements to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Is the print quality from a refill as good as a new cartridge?

If the cartridge is refilled and tested in the right manner, with the right ink and the right packaging, then the answer is yes. But we must qualify this by saying that not all refills are equal. Many high street re-fillers do not use high-tech refilling or testing machinery and ultimately produce a substandard product. If you’ve had a bad experience before please give us the opportunity to change your perception.

Is there any downside to refilling?

There are some types of cartridges that we can successfully refill, but it’s impossible for us to electronically re-set their ink counter. This is a feature of HP, Dell, Lexmark and Canon print-head cartridges. The result is that your cartridges will work in the exact same way as an original, with the exact same quality and for just as long (and sometimes longer) but the ink-counter will continue to display the message that your ink is low. This can be an inconvenient trade off but most of our customers don’t mind given the huge savings they are making by refilling.

Do refills last as long as new cartridges?

Absolutely! In fact in many cases we put more ink in the cartridge than you’d get in an original.

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Do you recycle cartridges?

The cartridge expert is not a recycling facility but we will always take in cartridges that we can refill and reuse. Please drop us a line to discuss what cartridges you have.

Do you repair inkjet printers?

Yes we do. If you’re having an issue with your inkjet printer, please feel to bring it in to us and we will have a look free-of-charge.